Katrin Cargill

A creative producer for the interiors market for over 20 years, Katrin has produced style features for Interiors magazines worldwide. She has written 15 books on interiors style and designed product for Shaker and The Rug Company. She carries out private decorating jobs in the UK and in the US.

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Interior Design

The modern side of traditional.

As a graduate of The Inchabld School of Design, Katrin started her working life as an interior designer in London. She moved to Texas where she formed a design company with two partners. After moving back to London she has continued carrying out commissions both in the UK and the US. Her style has always been the fusion of classical Swedish/New England and great use of colour and pattern.

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An exceptional eye for colour and pattern.

After moving to New York she took on the job of Decorating Editor at US House Beautiful, as well as deputy food editor under Martha Stewart. A move back to London saw her take a job as Style Editor for The World of Interiors for several years and then turn freelance where she has been a regular contributor of style features on Homes & Gardens for over 20 years. She has just started a  new role as European Editor on Milieu Magazine. 

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Graphic, layered simplicity.

Throughout her journalistic and interior design career Katrin has been appointed by a large number of leading interiors companies to create advertising images, including Turnell & Gigon, GP&J Baker, Mulberry Home, Vaughan Designs, Colefax & Fowler, Tim Page Carpets, Jane Churchill, Threads, Jean Monro, The Decorative Fair, Shaker, David Seyfried, Neisha Crosland, and more.

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